Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015

Kitely Merchant Fair 2015

Good morning,

you will find a HG Landmark to the Kitely Merchant Fair 2015 on my Region in 
Great Canadian Grid!

Metaverse News  -  04:44
With just two days left to go before the Kitely Merchant Fair 2015 opens, I have been busy hiding hunt prizes!

With goodies available from 21 Strom, CP, HD Skins, Boos Good Stuff, De Landria Rising, Sweet Distractions, Chicadelic Creations and of course Worlds End.

No hints as to what the prizes are, but all prizes are unisex and over 50% are Exportable to other grids.

Some will be easy to find, others will require more dedicated exploration. ;)

Will you be able to find all 10 chests?

More info will be available on the 18th here:

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